Ballet Dance

Ballet Dance has to be one of the most beautiful styles to watch and one of the hardest to learn and perfect.

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The Dance, The Music, The Clothes.

These pages will be your 'step-by-step' guide to everything you might need to know.

Today's performers of this style of dance are highly skilled having put in many hours of practice to perfect their performance.There are many children who take up Ballet at an early age and it's only the really dedicated that continue this dance as they grow, to become a pleasure to watch.

The following piece has been written for me by one of my readers - Todd, from Massmovement - a Dance Agency from London in the UK.

Bringing Ballet to the masses

Ballet traditionally conjures up images of this particular form of dance in its most classical sense, however contemporary ballet is still a huge part of integrated dance routines and is as popular as ever amongst dance productions and television shows.

Contemporary ballet incorporates elements of both classical ballet and modern dance. It permits a greater range of movement than traditional techniques and many of its concepts fit well alongside other forms of dance to give performances more grace.

George Balanchine is the man considered to have steered ballet in this new direction after he developed the style known as neoclassical, a combination of classical and contemporary, which featured flexed hands, turned-in legs, leotards and tunics rather than tutus.

Balanchine also employed modern dancers in the New York City Ballet and worked with modern dance choreographer Martha Graham, thus welcoming the use of modern techniques and ideas. Following Balanchine’s lead, well-known contemporary ballet companies such as Alonzo King, Complexions Contemporary Ballet and The Forsythe Company were formed. Furthermore, classical companies, such as the Kirov Ballet, also regularly perform contemporary works.

Ballet has often been considered as something for the upper classes, a little bit highbrow and elitist, However the contemporary movement helped do away with snobbery and embraced modern dance, allowing it to evolve and become relevant and appealing to aspiring young dancers.

It’s probably just what ballet needed at the time as I guess it ran the risk of alienating itself, not only from audiences, but from those who wanted to perform and express themselves in a more edgy, free-form way.

TV has also done a lot for ballet as today its elements features in a number of reality dance shows and talent competitions, not to mention music videos and advertising campaigns. Like any dance form, it has developed and shifted its style to fit with the times, whilst still retaining the original spirit and grace of its origins.

Massmovement are a dance agency that represent talent from all areas of dance and the world of movement including professional dancers of all disciplines and experienced choreographers. To find out more visit Massmovement.

Ballet History.

Read about its history to give you a clear understanding of this

art. When it all started and how it has evolved.

Ballet Dance Positions.

There are numerous positions you must perfect when learning this style of dance - read through to improve your knowledge.


Discover the type of music most ballet performers dance to.


Hair is also an important factor - find out why.


It's important to have the correct type of Ballet-clothes, both when practising and performing.

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Even more important than the correct clothes - the correct footwear.

Take a look at the choices and understand why it's important to get this right.

Men In Ballet.

Some of the most famous dancers are men - take a look!


To perform this type of dance - you have to be fit and agile. Learn about the calorific value of different food types and how to look after your body.


Do you have a favourite yet? - take a look and see if they appear in these pages.

Watching this style of dance is a pure pleasure -

Are you looking for a specific Ballet/Dance Company - if so - use the 'Contact Me' page to let me know which one it is.I will research it for you and put my findings on this site, no matter where it is.

In the meantime I will find as many as I can for you so keep checking back on this link.

If you know of one that I could recommend for others drop me a line or use the 'Contact Me' page.

Ballet Terms.

Look through the many 'terms' for correct pronunciation and definition to be able to talk the 'lingo'.

If there is anything I have not covered in these pages, that you would like to see - please use the 'Contact Me' page on this site and I will do my best to accomodate you.

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Marina Kanno and Giacomo Bevilaqua from Staatsballett Berlin perform several jumps captured in slow motion at 1000 frames per second.

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