Ballet Clothes

There are Ballet Clothes to practice in and ones to perform in.

When you begin to practice this style of dance, as with any dance, you should make sure you are able to move easily and that you feel comfortable.

You are better off wearing layers of clothing so that you keep your muscles warm, then as you warm up you can take a layer or so off.

Some of the attire you might wear would be a leotard, a wrap around sweater, tights, leggings and leg warmers.

If you are going to a reputable Dance studio you will find theymight want you to wear a specific colour, like black.

This will depend on how strict they are and if they have a colour code. A sports bra for any type of dance is a good idea.Your hair would probably need to be in a tight bun.
There are many, many choices of clothing and footwear for this style of dance.

Keep an eye on this site as in time I will be adding links so you can go direct to a site to purchase all of your requirements.

This type of dance wear is usually tight fitting, this is so the 'bodylines' and 'muscles' are visible to the spectators.

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Ballerina Dancing

It is also important to have the correct footwear or 'Pointe shoes' when performing.

Don't forget to break in your new shoes when you get them.

Looking for suitable ballet attire or shoes - try The Dance Locker for your requirements. Hey, don't forget to come back though!

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