Ballet Hair

Tips on Ballet Hair -

Hair can get in the way when you are performing and it can make you pretty hot as well.While performing Ballet you will want to be able to show the audience your face.

Hair in bun

They will need to see your eyes and your facial expressions.

This will all help to enhance your performance.

So you should have your hair tied up and back from your face. This will also show off the shape of your neck.

There are many different styles you can use - it can be braided, pinned up and styled into many different shapes.

Some ballet schools have very strict guidelines on how the hair should be worn.
If you watch Professional Ballerinas on stage they always have it tied up in an appropriate style.

Take a look at the clip below - coutesy of the Anaheim Ballet - via UTube - they make it look so easy - but follow the steps and with a little practice your hair can look as good as theirs.

A lot of female ballet dancers and some men choose to wear their hair in the Ballet Bun.

When the hair is in this style and secured with pins it looks neat and tidy. The hair needs to look presentable.

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