Ballroom Clothes

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Ballroom Clothes are very glamorous.

If you are practising this dance however, don't forget to make sure you have something comfortable on.

This style of dance gives you the opportunity to dress up in long flowing gowns and smart attire for the gentleman of course -after all it takes two to Tango!

Try to make sure the clothing is not too restricting, especially around your legs. You should be able to move about freely.

Ballroom gowns are normally made from certain types of material -that will move and stretch with the wearers movements. It means the dress will compliment the movement of the dance being performed.

Try to remember also, each style of ballroom is different. So you wouldn't wear the same gown for a 'Waltz' and a 'Salsa' as the dances are entirely different and would require a different type of dress.

If dancing in a competition - you need formal attire and you should look immaculate.

Normally the ladies would wear shoes with heels - but not 'stilettos'.

Don't forget the lady will be doing some backward steps and will need to keep her balance.

Make sure the shoes you select are light, they should have a flexible sole, where possible a 'leather' sole is best.

Men need to wear good quality 'dress' shoes.

There are many choices of ballgowns, mens' attire and shoes for both.

Keep an eye on these pages as I will shortly be adding links to some of the good quality merchandise around.

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