Ballroom Dance

Welcome to Ballroom Dance, which just has to be one of the most popular activities for your leisure time and one of the more elegant styles of dance you will find.

From the passionate, sensual style of the Tango,to the gentle, romantic steps of the Waltz, if this is your choice of dance style take a glance through the relevant pages and increase your knowledge. All you need to get started - is a partner.

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In these pages I will try to give you 'Top information for your requirements'.

History.Read about its history to give you a clear understanding. From the 'Old-time' style to the 'Modern'.

Read about the passionate Tango.

The Foxtrotwith its 'Walk' and 'Three-step'.

The Quickstep - one of the more popular dances of today.

The Rumba- with its fascinating rhythm, not forgetting the Samba - a bright and lively dance.

The Mambo - is from the same family of Dance as the Cha Cha Cha.

If you can walk - then you can do the Merengue.

The Cha cha cha - such a fun dance.

How about the romantic steps of the Waltz.

Read about your favourite Professional Dancers.

Strictly Ballroom- Is this one of your favourite films?
Of course it's just as important to have the correct type of Music to dance to - find out more here.

Wearing the correct Clothes is also equally as important.

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