Ballroom Jive

Ballroom Jive originated in the US - and is a variation on the Jitterbug - a type of Swing dance.

The patterns in this style are similar to that of East Coast Swing.

This style is one of the International Latin dances.

Around 1940 the LindyHop and Jitterbug came to Europe. However the word Swing was used to describe this style of dancing.

Then in the UK there were some changes to some of the techniques used and Boogie Woogie came about and the word Jive was the generic term used.

In the UK, dance instructors developed this elegant style and it was adopted as the fifth Latin dance in competitions.

This is a very lively, happy dance style to watch, full of energy and it can be danced to very fast music.

In the video below we see Karina Snirnoff - World Champion Professional Dancer - who is dancing with - Slavik Kryklyvyy - Professional Dancer - now this is what you call dancing.

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