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Breakdancing comes to us from the Bronx in the 1970's.

When the music being danced to had 'breaks' in it - the performers would correspond accordingly with their movements.

Some of the moves in this style, you can see, are influenced by the martial arts style 'kung-fu'.

Take your time to watch someone dancing this style and see if you can pick those moves out.

This style takes a lot of energy and can involve spinning on various parts of the body like the knees, hand, elbows and head.

You need to be very fit to keep this up for any length of time.

Take a look at the dancer in the video - notice how strong his arms are when he is supporting his whole body weight on them - there are some excellent moves here.

Extreme Breakdancing

Michael Jacksons' famous Moonwalk - is an improvised form of this style.

When watching these dancers perform you may have noticed the style of clothes - the pants worn low down past their waist. Maybe a cap on their head which would be tipped sideways.

These youngsters definately have 'the look' going on.

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