Breaking is a style that is definately a dance for the young or extreemly fit -----

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So where did this style of dance come from.

It's another street dance style that has evolved from Hip Hop.

Coming from the streets of New York in the early 1970's.

If you practice this style of dance you are called a 'b-boy' or 'b-girl'.

This dance soon became a phenomenon.

It could be seen in clubs, at parties, even on the streets - performed by talented youngsters.

This style is made up of four main elements - Power moves, Toprock, Downrock and Finishing Moves, which means a Freeze or Suicide.

Toprock - Steps performed from a standing position. These moves act as a warm up to the more dynamic moves.

Downrock - relates to the footwork that's performed on the floor.

Power Moves - actions that require a certain amount of physical power to perform. Some of these moves the 'dancers' perform come from the martial arts and gymnastics.

Finishing Move - These come at the end of a dancers 'set'. Normally a 'freeze' - which is self explanatory - the dancer ends in a stylish pose.

They can also end with a 'Suicide' - which means they fall onto their backs as if they've lost control.

Take a look at this video for some fine examples of this style of dance.

INTO THE HOODS : This shows off this style of dance perfectly.Click on link to find out more.


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