Calories In Food

Getting enough Calories in Food is important.

Movement is excellent for your body. So it follows - dancing - is good for you.

You can learn to strenghten your muscles, improve your lungs, increase your circulation, and strenghten your immune system.

Your body will need energy if you partake in any form of exercise.

You will notice that a lot of professional dancers are fairly slim.

Making the movements they perform look very graceful. We all need to eat but how much and what we eat is very important.

Eating sensibly means you need to eat a balanced portion of proteins, fruit, vegetables, grains, pulses and carbohydrates.

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To maintain energy levels you need to eat the right amounts of food at the right time.

Eat a hearty 'breakfast and try not to eat too late at night.

Try not to skip meals - this could lead to a low blood sugar level.

It could result in feeling tired, being irratable, having a lack of co-ordination, sometimes - headaches, or maybe giving you an urge to eat a load of chocolate!

Keep an eye on your calorie intake per day.

Get to know which foods are good for you and those which are not so good - too much chocolate is not good for the figure.

The average person requires around 2,000 caleries each day - it is important to maintain a balanced diet.

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