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Ceroc seems to be one of the fastest growing modern dances in the UK.

There are venues all over the UK for you to choose from.

This dance style has developed over time and has its own style which is fun and easy to learn.

You don't need to turn up with a partner to any lesson as there are normally so many people there for you to dance with.

It's a great way to meet people and make new friends.

This style is a sort of mix of Salsa and Jive.

It was devised by James Cronin in 1980 and it has really grown over the last few years and is now popular in countries such as New Zealand and Australia as well as Europe.

You can perform this dance to most styles of music.

There are many excellent DVD's out there for you to watch and pick up some moves - keep an eye on this page for some links to great watching!

In the meantime - take a look at the video below and see what you think ----------This is a couple who are excellent dancers appearing in my home town in Swindon.

Tim and Jade's Showcase in Swindon.

In time I will be adding links so you can find out where to go for lessons - keep this page bookmarked if you are interested in learning this dance.

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