Contemporary is one of the most difficult styles of Dance for me to describe.

How to put it into words ----- expressive, story telling, emotional, connecting with the music, loose, free, interpreting music through your own expressions.

Maybe the best way to show it is by the use of a video - take a look at the one below.

This is S├ębastien Soldevila and Mimi Bonnavaud. Showing a combination of Dance and circus, but how outstanding are they, absolutely amazing to watch.

I believe this style developed in the early 20th century - it can be danced to most types of music.

This style is very versatile - dancers use the natural lines of their bodies to portray emotions and tell stories with their dancing.

It is not usual to wear shoes for this style of dance, but you can wear Dance Thongs.

These provide grip and slip on the dance surface and the elastic over the top stops them from slipping off. It is normal to wear footless leggings or footless tights.

Try this site for some items you might need.

Dance Direct .

Looking for information on Contemporary Dance Companies and Choreographers - look no further, check this site out.


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