Dance Holidays

There are many companies who can provide you with brilliant Dance Holidays. I'll cover a few on this and linking pages.

It's a time to relax, meet new people and of course you get to DANCE for as much or as little as you like.

Perhaps you just want to go for a long week-end, rather than commit to a whole week. If that's the case - try - Boogaloo Promotions - they have some great Venues and Festivals to keep you entertained.

How about a unique Club Dance Holiday -

Click to view Club Dance Holidays available through this website

Another good company to book with is Yesterday Once More - they have some great Holidays, Festivals and Week-ends for you to choose from.

Holiday Rock - check this site out.

Book a break and have some fun. Not only Rock 'n' Roll but Modern Jive/Leroc also.

Once your holiday is booked - don't forget to treat yourself to some new Dance Gear.

If travelling abroad it will probably be warm so take some nice cool, loose fitting clothing - not forgetting of course - decent Dance Shoes.

Maybe you have been learning to dance for months and now want to show off your skills.

Then why not book yourself on a holiday, relax and enjoy putting to practice what you've learnt.

Maybe you just need a break after all that hard work.

Looking to hire a car while you are away - then try here -


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