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The Foxtrot has been around since the early 20th century.It took over from the 'Turkey Trot'.

It was named after an American actor called - Harry Fox whose real name was - Arthur Carringford.

He decided to call himslef Foxafter his Grandfather.

There are of course two types of this style of dance.

The Foxtrot and the Social Foxtrot.

The true Foxtrot is a dance for experienced dancers and it requires a good deal of space.

The Social Foxtrot is more suitable for beginners and if space for dancing is limited.

This is a 'smooth' dance - the movements are very flowing requiring you to be very relaxed and controlled.

The main movements to this dance are the Walk and the Three Step.

If you want to try your hand at learning this style you need to start maybe with an instructional DVD for the basic Foxtrot Dance Steps.

It is important in this dance - as with any dance - for the man to give a 'Positive Lead'

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