Foxtrot Dance Steps

If you're interested in the Foxtrot - take a look below and order the DVD for Foxtrot Dance Steps to get you going.

It will need pratice, but you know what they say - practice makes perfect.

A 'step-by-step' guide for you.This is an easy to follow guide.

Each step demonstrated with easy instruction - take your time to learn.

This is a very popular dance style - you will become a master in no time at all.

The steps I believe are American style not UK.

This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe - let me know if you are in another country and want to source this type of product - use my Contact Me page.

The couple in the below video have obviously been dancing this style for some time.

But just look how good they are the hard work they've put into practicing has really paid off.

So dont give up, keep on going - you too could look this good.

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