Fun Dance Videos

I think these are very entertaining to watch - Fun Dance Videos -good all round entertainment.

When doing my research for this site - I came across some entertaining Dance Videos and would like to share them with you -this page is purely for entertainment value.

Hope you enjoy them.

The first ones are from Judson Laipply, - these are very entertaining.

Next up is the winner of Britain's Got Talent 2008 - George Sampson,- excellent dancing.

This is a little different - how to make an entrance at your wedding - JK Wedding Entrance Dance, - fantastic.

How about this for a first dance - a young couple called Brian and Katie and their own - Evolution Of Wedding Dance, - this is so cool.

Second on Britains Got Talent for 2010 - it's Twist and Pulse. Quite different, they certainly have their own style.

Take a look at these surprised shoppers when 'Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts' Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts,(LIPA) spring into action.

And just for fun,

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