Guaglione Dance Stroll

Guaglione Dance Stroll -

OK - So that's what you will look like when you've mastered this stroll.

So let's get started -

There is a 4 bar intro so you can do your own thing to this -

Next - Boogies sequence 4 x boogie back4x boogie forwards

Repeat all

Fall off the log sequence

Fall off the log, to the left then the right.Kick, shadow walk — step Right - across Left. step back on Left, step side on Right, step forwards on Left. Finish with step forwards on Right - Hold.

Lunge sequence

Leg swap, Right. leg to sideLeg swap, Left. leg to sideLeft crosses Right.Spin clockwise finishing to front.

Charleston sequence

3 x Charleston starting with Left.and 1 Small jump in, feet together, then Small jump out to a wide stance then feet parallel.

Suzy Q

Kick Right. then a 4 full Suzy Q with Right.Next a half a Suzy Q so finishing with Right - leg crossed in front of Left.Hold and shout ‘and 5 and 6 and 5, 6, 7, 8’ On the count of 8 Kick Left.Repeat Suzy Qs to Right.

Fall off the log sequence

Charleston sequence x 2

Thigh Slaps sequence

4 x boogie backs.4 x boogie forwards.4 x thigh slaps, alternate legs (lift knee and slap thigh with same hand)

‘Go Wild’ (your own thing whatever you want to do)

Repeat all

Charleston sequence x 2

Scarecrow sequence

4 x Scarecrow moves, on alternate sides.(Start with a wide parallel stance.Then turn knees in and heels out and lift elbows up sideways. Next back to start position.Left forearm across chest with Right elbow resting on it, Right hand near face and Left toes off ground and turned out.Repeat on other side.Repeat all.

Skating sequence

Step on Right and shunt x 3 forwards to Right corner, Step on Left and shunt x 3 to Left corner.


Step forward into position of own choosing.

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