Hip Hop Clothes

Hip Hop Clothes are quite distinctive.

Early 1980's saw people wearing Sportswear - brightly coloured tracksuits and leather bomber jackets seemed to be the 'in' thing to wear.

Baseball caps were often worn - here you see an example - worn with a heavy chain.

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Bow Wow

Youngsters wore heavy jewelry, the men focused on heavy goldor silver chains while the women wore large gold earrings.

At one point a craze came in for wearing clothes Backwards .

There was a brief period where Polda-dot clothing was in.

In the mid 1980's some took their fashion from the ganster era of the 1030's and wore Bowler Hats and Double-breasted Suits.

Many famous brands of sportswear became popular among some were -Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren, DKYN,Calvin Klein.

This style of fashion is worn by many young people today throughout the world.

Recent fashion trends show Denim Jeans, Vintage stytle t-shirts, and Polo Shirts are being worn.

However the Baggy style is still prominent.

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