Hip Hop Dance

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Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce one of today's most popular stars, both for her singing as well as her dancing - 'Hip Hop' style. There is a definite technique to Hip Hop Dance and to shake your bottom, like she does.

It takes practice - you need to relax your glute muscles to enable you to shake them freely - at the same time you need to throw in some hip pops to mix the rhythm up a bit.

This style of dancing has been around now for about 25 years.

This dance culture has spread widely leading to newer moves and styles.

Definately a good way of keeping physically fit.

In the mid 70's in America, particularly in the Bronx this style of dance was spreading.

Street dancers got together to form Dance Crew's it was a good way to practice with friends and improve on your technique.

L.A. style Hip Hop is hard hitting - it requires a great deal of felxibility and you need to be able to move some parts of your body independently from others.

This style of dancing is very rhythmic, the emphasis being on musicality and you must be able to improvise your steps and moves to the music.

Unlike Ballroom dancing where the body is normally upright, with this style, the chest is down and the body is kept loose.

You will perform a lot of hip, waist and pelvic rolling - this is a good style for working out the 'abs'.
There is a huge compettion held in America called - 'World Hip Hop Championships' and dance crews from all over the world turn up to participate.

Take a look at the video link below for this years' and other years' results.

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