Lindy Hop

Lindy Hop is a style which can be danced to very fast music or relatively slow music.

Take a look at the video below - but don't be put off taking up this dance - these are experienced dancers.

This style is based on the Charleston dance.

It came from New York in the 1920's - it was a fusion of many dances.

I started to learn this style of dance at the same time I was learning Jive - it is quite difficult to learn both at the same time.

One of the basic moves in Lindy is the Swingout.

Some of the first airsteps of this dance were created by a dancer called Frankie Manning in 1935.

From there on in the style became even more popular.

Sometimes this style can require a lot of space as some of the moves are very flamboyant and you can improvise a lot with this type of dance.

Very experienced Lindy Hop dancers - going wild.

Now that's what I call Lindy with class.

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