Locking is a style of dance that is associated with Hip Hop and is a type of street dance.

It has a combination of very fast hand and arm movements but the hips and legs are more relaxed.

It has large, exaggerated movements.

But the movements are very rhythmic and in sync with the music.

When you watch this style of dance it can be quite comical.

It can involve a lot of acrobatic moves. Maybe doing the splits or moves that involve crashing onto your knees, so very demanding in it's performance.

To try to explain this style means - holding your movements in place. So from a very fast move you would freeze your move and keep it rigid.

Bright coloured shirts used to be worn for this style with trousers that stopped at the knee - nowadays youngsters wear their trousers way down on their hips with long baggy tee shirts.

This style can be done on your own - or with more dancers around you to join in if you prefer.

A lot of dancers use a hat as part of the dance and they grab at it and rotate it, while it's on their head.

The arms are waved around a lot and they can use a pointing technique, while smiling at the crowd.

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