Madison Dance Stroll

The Madison Stroll can be seen in the film 'Hairspray', made in 1988.

This stroll is said to have originated in the 1950's.

Apparently it came from America and is often danced to the tune - 'The Madison Time'.
Take a look at a small part of this stroll and see what you think.

So to start this stroll you do the basic Madison step as soon as you hear "Hit It".Basic Madison Step (1.5 bars) (note that these timings are 4 beat bars)

Step; close; step; tap; tap; tap. Stand slightly sideways with your left shoulder to the front.

(1) Step Left Foot to the side.

(2) Close Right Foot to LF without weight and clap.

(3) Step back on RF to place.

(4) Cross LF in front of RF and tap.

(5) Uncross LF and tap.

(6) Cross LF in front and tap.

On the clap, reach forward with both arms. On the taps raise the hands to shoulder level and wave from side to side.

basic structure.

repeat the basic over and over again and listen for instructions

always complete the basic you are on before starting the next figure.

Two Up, Two Back, Big, Strong Turn (X 4 bars)

Chasse to the left (L, R, L,+ pause) then the chasse to the right (R, L, R, + pause).

Turn anticlockwise on the spot with 4 steps (2 beats per step), L, R, L, R. During the turn, flourish the arms, raising the R arm with the R leg.

Two Up, Two Back, Double Cross, Rifleman (R) for 5.5 bars.

Chasse left and right as before.

Walk forward with 4 steps (2 beats per step) crossing the free leg in front of the other. Drop down (2 beats). Jump up and shoot the rifle for 2 beats. Step back RF and close, then back to the basic.

M and Erase It (M)for 8 bars.

Trace the letter M on the floor with chasses to the left and right. There are 4 chasses to draw the M and another 4 to erase it.

T Time (T) for 2.5 bars.

Chasse to the left and close with RF.

Star jump to arms outstretched in T position. Jump back to normal arms down position.

Chasse right to place, extending arms on each step R.

Cleveland Box (C) for 4 bars.

This is a box step, can be complicated till you get the hang of it.Imagine a circle with four points around it. Step LF to the South West point. Close RF. Step LF to North West point. Step RF to North East point. Close LF. Step RF to South East point. Step LF to South West point. Close RF. Each step is two beats.

You visit each of the four points by stepping on to each then closing with the free foot. However, in some cases a close would put you on the wrong foot for the next side step. You therefore omit the close when it would trip you up on the next step. Give it a try - you might need a little practice at this one.

While you are doing this you bend forward from the waist and revolve the hands rapidly around each other. When you close with the feet you don't simply bring the feet together. You bring your free foot directly behind the standing foot and spring on to it, knocking away the other foot. On every close, you stand upright, then bend forward for the next step. This needs a bit of practice.

ok - Next --

Basketball with the Wilt Chamberlain Hook (W)for 3 bars.

Chasse to the left dribbling the ball. Jump to shoot the hoop turning anticlockwise for 2 beats. Jump back clockwise to the front for 2 beats. Chasse back to the right, calling out the score. ("Two points").

Jackie Gleason (J) for 2.5 bars.

Chasse to the left. Throw your R leg out to the front then swing it back in front of the L leg.Launch forward on to RF with arms outstretched for 2 beats. ("Awaaaaay we go"). Step L, step back R to place.

Nearly there - keep going --------------

Birdland (B) for 6.5 bars.

Totally freeform. Walk around doing various bird impressions as you wish.Two Up, Two Back, Double Cross and Freeze (F) for 4.5 bars.

Chasse to the left and right. Walk forward crossing free leg in front (2 beats per step). Freeze.(then back to top - if you have the energy)

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