Martina Hingis

Martina Hingis is a 28 year old from Czechoslovakia.

Currently out of the Tennis scene she has notched up three Australian Open, one US Open and nine Grand Slam Doubles wins.

In 2002 - when she was 22 yrs of age - she had various ligament injuries in her ankles.

This meant she had to refrain from playing tennis.

She endured several operations and this meant she spent a lot of time recuperating but she returned to the WTA tour in 2006.

The dance training will be tough - but as a professional tennis player she is used to hard training.

Currently banned from playing tennis as she had tested positive for cocaine during Wimbledon 2007.

She says to the above - "I am 100% innocent".

Dancing with her for this years competition is Matthew Cutler.

Good luck to this couple.

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