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Dancing the Merengue

This is the national dance of the Dominican Republic. It is pronunced - Me-rren-gay.

It has been established as one of the more popular styles of Latin American dance.

The tempos in this dance can vary a great deal, they are not always consistent.

This style can change from a slow beat to a very fast tempo - it can be very challenging for the dancer.

Originally this was not designed as a couple dance.

This is good because it means they can dance some steps in a hold position, then go solo and do their own choreography.
The footwork for this style is all on the ball of the foot.

You can make some very exciting patterns and shapes in this dance.

It has no set technique but all of your steps should be small and very rhythmic.
If you can walk then you can dance this style of dance easily.

I have mentioned above the tempos can change, however, normally the beat is a strong - one-two rhythm.

This dance does not progress round the floor - it remains on the spot.

This is a dance to enjoy - it reflects a holiday atmosphere.

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