Modern Jive

Modern Jive - this is a style derived from other styles such as Lindy Hop, Rock 'n' Roll, Swing and others.

Sometimes called French Jive reflecting the origin of this dance.

This is a style, as many others, which is led by the man.

It is required for the man to have a good strong lead - so the lady knows exactly where she is supposed to be going.

You will find that some of the moves learned here often have different names but are identical moves - depending on who is teaching you.

This style is normally danced to music with four beats to a bar or Common time .

There are many different moves to learn in this dance and the more experienced you get the smoother your dancing will be.

But it takes practice to look really good.

Remember to wear comfortable and appropriate shoes for this dance - together with appropriate clothing, a lot of the music can be quite fast.

Some of the basic moves you might learn when you are a beginner are below:-

First Move



American Spin

Change Places

There are many, many more - I will try and cover them at a later date for you.

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