The Moonwalk made popular by Michael Jackson when he performed it in 1983.This became his signature move and is now practised by many around the world.

It is an illusion.

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Also known as the 'backslide' - this dance move looks as if you are being pulled backwards whilst walking on the spot.

It is in fact a Breakdancing move which was first recorded way back in 1955.

Used by French mime artist - 'Marcel Marceau', and known as his "Walking Against the Wind" performance, where he pretended to be pushed backwards by the wind.

It has two different types of step. The Turnwalk performed quickly, making it look as if you are walking in a circle fast. The Four Corner walk is performed more slowly and gives the appearance of being more 'floaty'.

This is performed by sliding one of your heels backwards, then pivoting your heels to enable you to change direction, next you pivot on the non sliding heel.

There are a couple of variants - the 'sidewalk' - looks like the performer is gliding sideways. The 'spotwalk' looks like the performer is walking on the spot.

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