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Popping is another style of HIP HOP to come from the 1970's.

This style's technique means you have to quickly contract and relax your muscles - this will cause your body to Jerk.

This movement is called a Hit or a Pop.

If you perform this type of dance you are known as a Popper.

These moves are performed continuously to the music together with other poses.

These moves can be concentrated on specific parts of the body, for example - chest, leg or arm.

The extent to which you move these parts of the body can vary - giving different effects.

To obtain a really strong looking move you would need to do it to both the upper and lower part of the body at the same time.
Dancers normally perform these moves at regular intervals in time with the music they are dancing to.

This makes the style look very ryhthmic.
This style of dance is normally performed standing up. There are no on the floor moves.

Movements is this style of dance are normally either very robotic in style or loose and flowing.

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