Positive Lead, Walks, Holds

Positive Lead,Walks,Holds - all very important in dancing.

When dancing with a partner - one of you is the Leader and one is the Follower.

It is normal for the Man to be the Leader and for the Lady to be the Follower.

The Leader will guide the Follower and the structure of the dance being perfomed.

This means it is their responsibility to decide which moves are made and how you both, as a couple, move around the dance floor.

Positive leads, Walks and Holds are important in any dance.

The Leader should lead their partner through each move in a positive manner, so the Follower knows exactly where they are going.

In response the Follower should respond by going exactly where the Leader 'put's them', so to speak.

Following and Leading is made possible by keeping a good Frame.

Ths allows the Leader to transmit his body movement to the Follower, it also enables the Follower to make suggestions to the Leader.


You must have connection when dancing with a partner.

This is also where - Positive Lead,Walks,Holds - are important too.

This is true no matter what type of partner dance is it - without connection, neither the lead or the follow will be present.

The degree of connection will of course vary - depending on the dance.

For example in the Lindy Hop the stance is that of an 'open position' - encouraging each partner to improvise to a certain extent, while most Ballroom styles would require a 'close hold'.

In a 'closed hold' - having body contact - it is most important to keep the frame strong, this is how the connection is kept.

Making sure both the position and the pressure is kept during the hold.

When in either an 'open' or 'closed' position and without any body contact, the connection is kept through the hands and the arms.


Positive Leads, Walks, Holds, all make dancing easier -

The Walk Forward, in the Foxtrot, is made up of long steps taken from the hips - the feet move and only just clear the floor.
Start feet together - put the weight of the body onto one foot, then move forward on the other, taking a long, smooth step from the hip, the ball of the foot just skims the floor, it goes onto the heel as it passes by the foot that is still.

Next, the heel of the back foot is slowly released from the floor, the moving foot carries on forward on the heel to the full extent of the stride.

Your body weight should now be central between the two feet, on the heel of the front foot and the ball of the back foot.

The toes of the front foot are then lowered to the floor and the weight of the body is moved forward over the front foot. Next the back foot is brought forward, to move from the toes onto the ball of the foot, until it reaches the front foot - this is where the first move is repeated.

For The Walk Backward, in the Foxtrot,you need to swing the leg back, from the hips, from the ball of the foot out onto the toes, the weight being on the front foot.

Lift the toes of the front foot (keeping your back heel up) -the weight should now be central, on the heel of the front foot and the ball of the back foot.

Using light pressure on the heel, pull the front foot back, but keep control of the weight on the ball of the back foot - do not lower the back heel until the front foot (which should now be flat) passes under you - this is where the first move is repeated, obviously on alternate feet.

Make sure you keep in time with the music - each step should be 2 beats of the music - this is counted slow.

Practice often to develop your balance.

Positive Lead,Walks,Holds - get these right and you will look good on the dance floor.


In the Social Foxtrot use the Cuddle Hold .

You must remember to always keep 'body contact'.

The man should hold the lady close to him with his right hand. The lead must be positive.

The lady should keep relaxed and should not fight against the lead - but should still keep her frame at all times.

The Close Hold is a body contact hold but is less relaxed then the Cuddle Hold .

Both partners should stand up straight with the lady's right hip positioned approx midway between the man's hips.
The man holds the lady with his right hand around her back, while the lady rests her left hand on the man's upper right arm, either just below or on his shoulder.

The man holds the lady's right hand in his left hand and this should be about level with his chin and neck. Depending on heights of course.

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