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Dancing Ballroom

The Quickstep has to be one of the more popular dances that I am going to cover.

It developed from the Foxtrot.

It has a light, easy, pleasant rhythm and the steps taken are small.

There are two basic forms to this style - 'Quick' and 'Slow'.

The 'Quick' version has been influenced by the Charleston.

The music you choose to dance this to should be smooth and rhythmic, unless you are a more experienced performer.

Once experienced you can include some tricky little foot movements.

Experienced with this style you will be able to make use of Polka rhythms, Charleston, skipping steps and fast syncopation movements.

Tempos for this style can vary from - fast to medium, or be slightly slower depending on the tunes played.

This dance executes a 'Close Hold'.

This is a simple dance - giving you excellent exercise, it burns more calories than walking.

Take a look and see.

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