Robotics Dance Style

Robotics Dance Style is exactly as it's name suggests - dancing like a robot.

Some get this style of dance confused with that of Popping but they are very different.

The moves themselves are called Dimestops - which means moving a part of your body and bringing it to an abrupt stop - just like a robot.

If this style is danced or should I say performed without music it is classed as Mime.

There seems to be a couple of variations in this style.

One variation is called Arrested Robot this simply means that the body is shaken rapidly to make it look as if the robot is breaking down.

The second variation is caled the Mannequin.

The dancer would simply have a glazed look on their face and all of the movements they make would be really slow as if they were moving in slow motion.

This is a fun dance to learn - but you can make some of the movements intricate - the stiffer the movements in this style, the better.

Take a look at the example and see what you think.

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