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Rock 'n Roll in Paris

Welcome to the world of Rock 'n' Roll, with its electric guitars, loud music and famous musicians.
In these pages I will cover the likes of Big Joe Turner, Elvis Presley, Bill Haley - and many more.

I will cover the clothes, shoes and hair fashions of that era. Talk about the films that have been made and the impact Rock 'n' Roll has had on our society.

There are many social dances and holidays to go on that concentrate purely on Rock 'n' Roll - from week-ends away to whole week's of pure Rock 'n' Roll.

Rock-n-Roll originated and evolved in the United States during the late 1940's early 1950's.

An early form of Rock and Roll was Rockabilly.

In the earliest of these styles the Piano or Saxaphone was often the lead instrument.

Rock 'n' Roll is sometimes referred to as a Single Beat Jive.

I would suggest you try this style of dance before trying the more difficult rhythm of the Triple Beat Jive.

The hold for this style is quite similar to that of the Samba - but the arms are held lower and are a little more relaxed and flexible.

When you dance this style your steps are taken on the ball of the foot then on to the flat foot.

When you take your step you sway your body slightly towards the foot you are stepping with.

This dance does not progress around the dance floor - it's very much 'on the spot'.

Take a look at two of the dancers from Strictly Come Dancing 2009 - Ricky Whittle and professional dance partner Natalie Lowe.

Not perfect - but at this point he had only been dancing a few weeks, just goes to show what you can achieve with practice!

The UK's Number 1 JIVE and SWING Band - THE JIVE ACES and one of my personal favourites. I've seen this band several times, each time they are better than before - it's a show not to be missed.

This year they have their 2nd - BIG JIVE ALL-DAYER. I attended the first one - don't miss it - it's on the 20th February, 2010 at the LAKESIDE COUNTRY CLUB, NR. CAMBERLEY, SURREY. UK

Early Bird tickets are £16.00 - General Admission £18.00 - 12 Hours of non stop Hopping.

There are back-up Groups appearing and DJ'S. They have a huge dance floor, revolving stage and clothes stalls. Food is available all day. Don't miss it. Click on link for more info - don't forget to come back though!


The UK's No. 1 Jive and Swing band.

Rock and Roll from the 1950's -

When attending Rock and Roll dances you will often come across a style of dance that is called a Stroll .

There are many different types of 'Stroll' - please click on the link above to find out more.

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