Strictly Week 1

Strictly Week 1

Review part 1 - of Fridays performance.The first showing of 'Strictly' - live from London - was better than ever.

Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly hosted the show and what a show it was.

Strictly Week 1 had the couples performing 2 dances - the Waltz and the Tango.

The Professional dancers first of all performed a 'Medley' of all the dances that they will be expected to perform over the coming weeks.

It's going to be a tough competition. Each contestant will have to put in many hours of practice to stand a chance of winning.

The judges are:-Len GoodmanCraig Revel Horwood,Bruno Tonioli,and newest member of the panel - Alesha Dixon.

So here we go with week 1 Review part 1.
First up was Rav Wilding and Aliona Vilani - dancing the Tango.

Alionas' outfit was stunning. It was an excellent start to the evening.

Rav was pulled up for performing a lift - a point was taken away from his score by one of the judges, but he was praised for attacking the dance.

The couple scored a total of 19 points - a fairly low score.

Second up was Ricky Groves and Erin Boag - dancing the Waltz.

Erin looked very elegant in her pale blue ballgown.

The judges were looking for a 'good hold', 'posture' and 'elegance' and told Ricky his was an elegant performance, with good control.They said however, it lacked emotion and he should try and relax a little more.

The couple scored a total of 21 points

Third up was - Chris Hollins and Ola Jordan - dancing the Tango.

In training Chris said "He was scarred about the first performance".

Ola appeared in a beautiful gown.

The judges said it was a 'Fine effort', with good body contact and a good start to the competition.

The couple scored a total of 26 points

Fourth to take the stage was Jade Johnson and Ian Waite - dancing the Waltz.

Jade looked the part in her 'Floaty' gown.

The judges said she had great potential but currently her dancing was a little 'Messy'. Her lines were long and elegant but her shoulders were a little tense. She had good 'Musicality'.

The couple scored a total of 25 points

Fifth to take part was Martina Hingis and Matthew Cutler dancing the Waltz.

Martina looked excuisite in a Pink gown.

The judges said she was elegant but a little 'tight' however showed potential. It was also said her 'core' was too loose - so very different comments from the judges there.

The couple scored a total of 22 points

Sixth couple on the floor was Lynda Bellingham and Darren Bennett dancing the Tango.

Lynda's gown was Gold edged with Red.

The performance had drama, but one of the judges said it was 'boring'.

The couple scored a total of 21 points

Seventh couple to hit the dance floor was Ali Bastian and Brian Fortuna dancing the Waltz.

Ali's Silver gown was very flattering.

I thought this was the best performance of the evening - definately a couple to watch out for.

The judges said it was a 'fab' performance, best dance so far.One of the judges however picked up on a 'little slip' during the performance.

The couple scored a total of 30 points.

Last couple to dance were Joe Calzaghe and Kristina Rihanoff dancing the Tango.

Kristina wore a shimmering Purple dress.

The judges said the performance lacked personality and aggression and was boring.

The couple scored a total of 16 points. This was the lowest score in the competition.

Ali and Brian were top of the 'Leader Board'.

The Group dance was a Mambo. This was performed by all of the stars who didn't dance on Friday evenings show. The judges each had their favourites.

Look out for the follow up to Strictly week 1.


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