Strictly Week 10

Strictly Week 10 - Live from London - courtesy of the BBC.

Jade Johnson is out of the competition because of her leg injury.

First couple up were Ali Bastian and Brian Fortuna dancing the Foxtrot.

I thought they were excellent.

The judges said a beautiful opening to the show,a magical dance. Another said - 'lovely extension of the arms'. One thought she was a little nervous in this performance, but still very polished.

The couple scored a total of 35 points.

Second to dance were Natalie Cassidy and Vincent Simone dancing the Samba.

I thought she looked a little stiff, not one of her best performances.

The judges said it lacked bounce and it was a little lame but added she is very 'watchable'. Another said 'it was like a garden without flowers', yet one of the others added 'never a dull moment with her', but then said she looked down too much and she was flat footed. Very mixed comments.

The couple scored a total of 26 points.

Third couple up were Chris Hollins and Ola Jordan - dancing the Vienese Waltz.

I thought they gave a good performance.

The judges said he was better this week with more control. Another said he looked 'tense' - particularly his shoulders. One mentioned he had good 'pivots', but there was no romance.

The couple scored a total of 29 points.

Fourth couple were Ricky Whittle and Natalie Lowe dancing the American Smooth.

They looked very elegant - great dancing.

The judges said it was fantastic - but didn't like the huge lift at the end that he did. Another said the lift was an understated lift, well done, a 'show-stopper'. A fantastic performance.

The couple scored a total of 36 points.

Fifth to perform were Laila Rouass and Anton Du Beke dancing the Waltz.

Her injury seemed better this week - a good effort. The judges said there was one mistake and her posture wasn't that good - they thought she wasn't following him very well. Another said he thought she did well - but they want to see her work harder.

The couple scored a total of 29 points.

Sixth and last couple to perform were Ricky Groves and Erin Boag dancing the Tango.

I thought it was a good effort.

The judges said he made a few mistakes - but he has determination. One judge added it was too mechanical.

The couple scored a total of 22 points.

Votes were finally counted and the 2 couples with the lowest scores in the dance-off were - Laila Rouass and Anton Du Beke against Ricky Groves and Erin Boag.

The couple the judges decided should leave were - Ricky and Erin.

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