Strictly Week 11

Strictly Week 11 - Live from London - courtesy of the BBC.

Only Five couples left now.

The competition is getting hotter now with only 5 couples left and this week they will be dancing either a Charleston or a Rock 'n' Roll.

Neither of these two dances have been danced as a competition dance on Strictly before.

First to dance were Chris Hollins and Ola Jordan - dancing the Charleston.

This was a popular dance in the 1920's.

Brilliant - I thought it had everything.

The judges said it was fun and entertaining, they thought he owned the dance and set the standard. His best performance to date. They said it was 'theatrical'.

The couple scored a total of 34 points.

Second were Ricky Whittle and Natalie Lowe dancing the Rock 'n' Roll.

A bit of a shakey start I thought.

The judges said it has a mistake at the start and it could have been 'wilder' They said the timing at the beginning wa out and he lost his balance at the end.

The couple scored a total of 31 points.

Third to dance were Ali Bastian and Brian Fortuna dancing the Charleston.

Ali seemed a little tense, but a good performance.

The judges said they liked it, they thought it was outstanding.

The couple scored a total of 37 points.

Fourth up were Natalie Cassidy and Vincent Simone dancing the Rock 'n' Roll.

A good attempt.

The judges said a bit disappointing, no 'wow' factor and a little clumsy.

The couple scored a total of 26 points.

Last to dance were Laila Rouass and Anton Du Beke dancing the Charleston.

They tried hard.

The judges said lot's of comedy, one said they didn't go wrong this week! Another said it was heavy and danced poorly. One said it was lovely. Very mixed comments from the judges.

The couple scored a total of 31 points.

The all did a Vienese Waltz in competition with each other - the scores for each were as follows:-

Chris and Ola = 7

Ricky and Natalie = 9

Ali and Brian = 10

Natalie and Vincent = 7

Laila and Anton = 8

They all danced very well.

Votes were finally counted and the 2 couples with the lowest scores in the dance-off were - Ricky Whittle and Natalie Lowe against Natalie Cassidy and Vincent Simone.

The couple the judges decided should leave were - Natalie and Vincent.

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Which ends the summary of Strictly Week 11 ----

Keep Dancing - till next week

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