Strictly Week 2

Strictly Week 2

1st review - of the 2nd week of Strictly - which was live from London - another fantastic night of dancing.

The first couple to dance on Friday 24th were Natalie Cassidy and Vincent Simone dancing the Tango.

Natalie wore a Pink and Black dress.

Her performance showed promise.

The judges said there was passion in her performace with loads of drama and in the beginning she attacked the dance, but they said her left hand looked a little awkward.

The couple scored 24 points.

Second couple up were Zoe Lucker and James Jordan dancing the Waltz.

Zoe wore a Dark Blue, flowing gown.

It was a smooth performance. The judges said they were looking for 'movement around the floor'.

They said her arm positions were good and that she was a joy to watch - it was a simple and elegant performance.

The couple scored 30 points.

Third couple to dance were Craig Kelly and Flavia Cacace dancing the Tango.

Flavia wore White and Black.

The judges said Craig didn't 'drive' the dance enough and didn't lead with his 'frame' very well. One judge said he 'attacked' the dance but lacked 'finesse'. They said he 'gave it his all'.

The couple scored 22 points.

Fourth couple to take to the floor were Richard Dunwoody and Lilia Kopylova dancing the Waltz.

Lilia wore a gown of Silver which looked lovely.

The performance was good. The judges said there was hope, but it was a nervous beginning and posture was not very good, likewise Richards' balance. Another judge advised to work on correcting one thing at a time.

The couple scored 19 points.

Fifth couple to dance were Laila Rouass and Anton Du Beke dancing the Tango.

Laila wore a Red dress.

The judges said the performance had drama and passion. They said a 'wicked' performance, sensual, sexy but yet 'distant'. They said she promised 'greatness'. They remarked on the fact that one of her hands needed correction.

The couple scored 30 points.

Sixth couple to dance were Phil Tufnell and Katya Virshilas dancing the Waltz.

Katya wore a Yellow ballgown.

The couple looked quite smooth together. One of the judges said they were 'bowled over' - best foot-work of the evening. A charming performance. They said they were surprised by his performance.

The couple scored 29 points.

Seventh couple up were Jo Wood and Brendan Cole dancing the Tango.

Jo wore a Black gown.

The judges said it was 'slovenly' with careless footwork. She had 'lazy' head movements and her feet did not come together. Another judge said she did a 'good job' with 'good attack'.

The couple scored 18 points.

Last couple on the dance floor were Ricky Whittle and Natalie Lowe dancing the Waltz.

Natalie wore a lovely ballgown in pale Green.

They danced really well. The judges said it was a dream come true - but they did notice Ricky 'slipped' during the dance. They said it was a beautiful routine. They noticed however that he is slightly 'bow legged'. They said he had good control.

The couple scored 33 points. This was the highest score of the evening.

The group performance was based on Michael Jackson songs - an interesting performance from all.

Good luck to all the contestants.

Hope you enjoyed Strictly week 2.

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