Swing Dance

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Swing Dance ------

West Coast or East Coast - It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing.

The West Coast Style - originated they say from an earlier dance called Savoy Style Lindy, which came from New York in the 1930's.

The East Coast Style - apparently is an offshoot of the Foxtrot.
Both of these versions are excellent dances to learn - however they are very different in style.

Before the Lindy Hop came about in the 1920's - most forms of this style of dance were called Jitterbug..

Some people say that the East Coast style is the easier style to learn.

There are many variations that come under this styles umbrella - some of these are:-

Savoy - popular in the 30's and 40's - very fast, casual looking style.

Lindy - more of a smooth looking style.

Carolina Shag - emphasises the leader's nimble feet.

Jive - danced competitively all over the world.

Push - lots of spinning with a rock rhythm break.

Whip - lots of spinning with a wave rhythm break.

- and there are more - these are just a few which spring to mind.

Take a look at this clip of West Coast Style -

Now compare with East Coast style -

Both look pretty neat - so decide which one you want to learn and put on your dancing shoes and locate an instructor near you.

The UK's Number 1 JIVE and SWING DANCE Band - THE JIVE ACES and one of my personal favourites.

I've seen this band several times, each time they are better than before - it's a show not to be missed.

This year they have their 2nd - BIG JIVE ALL-DAYER. I attended the first one - don't miss it - it's on the 20th February, 2010 at the LAKESIDE COUNTRY CLUB, NR. CAMBERLEY, SURREY. UK

Early Bird tickets are £16.00 - General Admission £18.00 - 12 Hours of non stop Hopping.

There are back-up Groups appearing and DJ'S.They have a huge dance floor, revolving stage and clothes stalls. Food is available all day. Don't miss it. Click on link for more info - don't forget to come back though!


The UK's No. 1 Jive and Swing band.

The Jive Aces are releasing a FREE downloadable track called "London Rhythm" from their album Recipe for Rhythm. The date of the release is Mon 21st June, 2010. You will be able to download it FREE from their website on that day: www.jiveaces.com.They also made a great video you can watch - enjoy.

BOOGIE WOOGIE is a form of Swing dance - take a look at this -

World champion Boogie Woogie dancers William & Maéva with pianist Silvan Zingg at the International Boogie Woogie Festival Lugano, Switzerland.

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