Passionate and Sensual -

Originating from the back street cafes of Buenos Aires.

It seems the first instruments to accompany this style of dance were the guitar, flute and violin. But as time moved on the Bandoneon was the instrument used to dance to. (It's a type of squeeze box)

There are three predominant styles of this dance.

The 'social' Tango has to be one one of the easier styles of Ballroom to learn.

Dancing the Tango Amid Colorful Walls of La Bocoa Barrio, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The style is based simply on walking. The steps are quite flat and you do not have any rise and fall.
Basically, the man would walk forward which means the lady walks backwards.

The exception being in the 'Promenade' position, where the lady would walk forward.

The hold of this dance is different to that of the Quickstep, Waltz and Foxtrot.

The man's right arm is further round his partner and the lady's left hand is below the man's shoulder - unlike the other dance holds where it's on top of the arm.

There are some moves which mean you would move on the ball of the foot.

The character of this dance is expressed with certain staccato actions, for example quick moves would be performed 'quicker' and slow moves would be performed 'slower' than normal.

To perfect this style of dance much practice is called for and you need to understand how the steps of the dance relate to the music being played.

The music you dance to will ideally have a clear beat, unless you are dancing to a classical piece, the beat then can be quite hard to find.

There are a couple of strong shapes in this style, the 'check' and the 'contra check'.

For these moves it is required for the man to give a strong, exagerated lead which assists her to make the appropriate head and body shape.

Tango silhouette by Moi Cady, sxc.hu

It is important when dancing any dance to keep your knees 'soft' wearing the correct shoes.

If you want some Tango Music to listen to then look no further - these are just a few of the many available choices.

How's this for passionate and sensual - this is an excellent performance.

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