Vatslav Nijinsky

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Vatslav Nijinsky was born in 1889,a Ballet Dancer from Russia who was able to perform en pointe and at the time few male dancers were able to acomplish this.

At the tender age age of eighteen he had performed a number of lead parts to include Pavilion of Armida, Egypt Nights and Chopeniana - and his partnership with Tamara Karsavina was legendary.

At one point in his career he caused a SCANDAL because he appeared on stage wearing tights that did not have the modesty trunks underneath - at that time this was obligatory for male performers in the company. There was a complaint and he was subsequently dismissed.

In 1914 he formed his own dance troupe in London - although this was not successful.

He experienced a very successful career up until signs of his schizophrenia came to light and he eventually had a nervous breakdown in 1919.

His career came to an end and he spent much of his time in and out of hospitals - he pased away in London in 1950 on the 8th April.

He was burried in London but his body was later moved to Paris.

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