Warm-Up Tips

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Dancer Warming Up

Read these Warm-up Tips to avoid injury.

Above we see a dancer warming up - before a practice/rehearsal.

Hence the attire. You wouldn't be able to do a full warm-up if you were going out to a social dance and were all dressed up, so the warm-up exercises then would be limited.

Don't be put off by people who don't warm up - they are the ones more likely to sustain an injury - it doesn't matter if they think you look silly - warming up is important.

Any Professional Dance Instructor will advise you to warm up to some degree before a lesson.

Don't ignore any Warm-up tips you are given.

Always make sure you perform the warm-ups with care and in a gentle fashion.

Warm muscles are more flexible than cold ones and you will be less likely to cause yourself an injury if they are warm before you start.

Stretch your neck upwards, gently, then turn your head slowly to the right and then to the left. This will also help with your poise.

Lift your shoulders up and down - then roll each shoulder round.

Relaxed shoulders are a must for dancing.

Free your hip joints by gently swinging each leg back and forth - you will probably need to hold onto something for this one.

Knee joints take quite a lot of pressure when dancing - loosen the joints by lifting each one in turn.

This is good for circulating the fluid around the joint

Extend your foot and move your ankles round - work each one in a gentle motion.

Give your toes a little workout - rise onto them then gently lower until they are flat on the floor.

Stretch your arms out and circle each wrist. Wiggle your fingers to release tension.

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