Wedding Dances

When we think of Wedding Dances we normally think of the First Dance between Bride and Groom or maybe the dance between the Bride and her Father.

A friend recently took a look over my site and mentioned I didn't have anything on it about Dad Dancing - seen at almost every family occasion including weddings, christenings, anniversaries and bahmitsvahs.

He went on to say he would be interested in finding out more of the origins of this style of dance and perhaps tips on style of clothing to be worn at such events.

Should beige trousers, belt and braces with a pea stain be obligatory and should the tie worn as a headband be only for special occasions.

So I took a look on utube to see if I could find anything.

There were one or two, but this one has a whole bunch performing at the same time - just for fun - take a peek.

I've also put a couple of videos on of guests strutting their stuff- see what you think.

However if you have any funny videos of someone's dad - wedding dancing, please submit them to me - maybe put them on Youtube and let me know they are there.

In addition I would welcome your comments on the type of clothes you think should be worn - you might even have some pictures. Please use the Contact Me page if you do.

In the meantime - take a look at the links below - just for fun.

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